shavOn March 23-25th I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Speech-Language- Hearing Association of Virginia Convention in Richmond, Virginia. This was my second year attending the conference. I was able to attend various sessions that helped to increase my knowledge of assessing and treating children and adults with various disabilities. I learned about various intervention techniques specific to different populations, and I am eager to implement these techniques in my therapy sessions. I was also able to network with various companies all over the state of Virginia by visiting the different exhibits. I will be graduating in August and I found it to be very beneficial to talk to several employees and employers about their companies. I also attended a Student Social to learn more about preparing to interview for jobs and what to expect. I found this to be very beneficial as well, and I feel that I am better prepared to begin the process of job searching. Overall, attending this conference was a very rewarding experience and I am eager to attend the conference again next year.