VAASLThe November 2015 VAASL conference was amazing, and my first large scale professional conference. What did I take away from said conference?  Well, always double check the room numbers.  Turns out that there is a BIG difference between auditorium and amphitheater.  Oops!  Luckily, we realized when no one showed up, that we were in the wrong place and made it to our session with a few extra minutes to spare.  As someone who has been to several smaller conferences, the VAASL conference has a lot to offer.  Sessions were lead by librarians and educators who genuinely have a passion for their profession.  All were eager to share their expertise and to lend a helping hand in any way they could.  I got so many great ideas from how to improve Sustained Silent Reading at our school, to sponsoring a Virginia Readers Choice group to listening to Longwood’s very own Dr. Church present on the 10 emerging trends in librarianship.  This conference was a great use of my time, and a fantastic way to network with other professionals!

I cannot wait to attend next year!