VAASL Con Picture Wendy GreenWow…I learned so much at the conference!  I am really glad I was able to attend.  Some of my favorite sessions were The Top 25 New Websites…the bookmark is a great tool.  I will be making copies to give out at my next Department Meeting.  I was able to share the Makerspace information with my librarian.  The Art teachers in my building also have 3-D printers…they are so excited to get the information from the Makerspace Build it Will They Come? session. I also enjoyed the Dinner on Friday evening.  The keynote speaker Neil S.  was very interesting. I loved hearing his story about being the kid who was always in the hallway at school…One of my favorite speakers was Kimberly Johnson…she was fabulous….so full of energy and wonderful ideas for getting students involved with learning through so many different techniques.  I am taking away a wealth of knowledge that will help me now and in the future.