The view from Commencement 2024

Rain notwithstanding, 2024 Commencement and the other events surrounding it were full of celebration, pride and more than a few happy tears.

For those of you whose students will graduate in the next few years, here’s a preview of what you have to look forward to.

For those of you whose students received their Longwood degrees this past weekend, congratulations on your Lancers’ accomplishments! As the parent of a college graduate myself, I know that you played no small part in getting them to that culminating moment. Even though it’s only been a week, it’s never too soon to relive such a happy occasion!

Undergraduate Commencement, Joan Perry Brock Center

Undergraduate Commencement Video

Graduate Commencement, Joan Perry Brock Center 

Princeps Secret Society Reveal
(Find out more about Princeps at )

Nursing Pinning Ceremony

Diploma Signing Ceremony
President Reveley and the rector of the Board of Visitors personally sign the diplomas of selected student leaders each year.

—Sabrina Brown


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Undergraduate Faculty Professional Development Day


CAFE, Civitae, Cormier Honors College, DEC, and the Preparing for Post Graduate Success Initiative invite you to Longwood’s second annual day of undergraduate faculty professional development–a day filled with several options and opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your faculty colleagues.

Engage with other Civitae faculty and find out what’s happening in your category and hear the Civitae faculty leaders share some assessment results. 

Preparing for Post Graduate Success Initiative
Design an advising syllabus.

Eat lunch and learn how your colleagues are using and navigating AI in the learning environment

The Cormier Honors College
Transform your existing courses into Honors courses.

Participate in course and assignment design work sessions with consultants.

Kick off the semester and reconnect with colleagues at the faculty reception. 

Registration and program information are coming soon!

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Spring 2024 in pictures—nearly 100 chances to see your Lancer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is worth nearly 100,000 words! (Maybe I should have been a photographer instead of a writer.)

Of course, there was a whole lot of studying going on this semester—but also a whole lot of fun. Take a stroll through this album of nearly 100 photos, and you’ll get a sense of what the lighter side of spring semester is like here at Longwood.

And, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch a glimpse of your Lancer living their best life.

—Sabrina Brown

Late-Night Breakfast

Faculty and staff serve up bacon, eggs and much more to help students fuel up for finals week.

Mosaic Multicultural Gala

This event celebrates Longwood’s diversity and culture.

CHI Burning

CHI is Longwood’s oldest service organization. At the CHI Burning, special commendations are given to students, organizations, faculty and staff who have made outstanding contributions of their time and talent.

Study Paws

A welcome break during the last week of classes comes in the form of four-legged critters, including a miniature horse.

Spring Weekend

Beautiful spring weather was the backdrop for an epic day of booths, bands and Oozeball.

Greek Sync

From the hits of the ’70s to house music of the 2010s, our Greeks know how to put on a show. Check out some of their moves at Greek Sync.

Solar Eclipse

The whole campus turned out to marvel at this rare event.

Ring Ceremony

Students and their families participate in a special ceremony where students receive their class rings.

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SOCL351: Sociology of Family Violence

The purpose of the project is to inform people on ways to deal with and help individuals who are dealing with elder and disabled persons self neglect. Self neglect is common in this demographic of individuals and we used this to show how to look at potential risk factors and other things which may effect these individuals. The target audience is the families of these individuals as well as the nurses taking care of them. I could have better improved some of the ways I explained the issues at hand but we did well on explaining risk factors which are felt with in these situations. 

The key competencies which enhanced my learning were career and self development, critical thinking, equity and inclusion, professionalism, teamwork, and technology. I used this project to look at what I want my career to be and how I can deal with these issues in the future. This project as well helped me with thinking about things deeper than I normally would as well as looking at how to treat other individuals in these situations and including everyone. Professionalism, teamwork, and technology all work together in how I am going to use them in the future. Working with a team showed me how to properly do this as well as how to better use technology in these situations.

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Introducing Me!

Welcome to my E-Portfolio! My name is Skylar Therres. I am currently a junior at Longwood University, majoring in Sociology with a concentration on Family Studies and minoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice. What do I plan on doing with my degree? I plan to go into Counseling for my future career.

In my E-Portfolio, you will find work and research I’ve conducted thus far in my college career. Showcased is my Evaluation Research for my Sociology 345 Social Research and Program evaluation class, followed by continued work of this same Evaluation Research in my Sociology 346 Statistics for the Social Sciences class and a Family Life Education Workshop done in my Sociology 351 Family Violence class.

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ACE Certification

I participated in an adverse childhood experience training and am now certified in administering naloxone.

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Goodbye PACE

I knew this day would come, but it still hurts to say. Tomorow is my last day as an intern at Centra PACE. It’s been an incredible four months, and I have learned so much from every department there. I imagine saying goodbye to the participants will be especially difficult, even though I have told them in advance.

I would like to say thank you to the wonderful staff at Farmville PACE, who made me feel like a member of the team from the very beginning. I appreciate for taking my thoughts into consideration and helping me initiate my own goals with participants. I am especially grateful to my supervisors who empowered mean provided me with so much guidance. I think i am most grateful to the participants, who always kept my days interesting provided me with much needed experience. While I am sad to be leaving, I am also glad to have had this wonderful experience.

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Luncheon Report

Back in March, I attended a luncheon held by the Social Work department. The luncheon was meant to show appreciation to internship supervisors of the juniors and senior level interns. A few people, myself included, gave speeches about our experiences so far. Our supervisors were so happy to hear praise from faculty members and their interns. It’s been a great experience working with PACE, and I hope my next internship will be just as rewarding.

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Centra Policy Critique

This is a policy from Centra PACE that I wrote an in-depth critique of.

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Economic Conditions & British Legacy Precipitating Political Upheaval in Kenya

Abstract: The road to Kenya’s first free, fair, and peaceful in 2022 was a long and bloody one. Since independence from the deconstructing British Empire in 1962, each opportunity for the democratic process was marred by ethnopolitical conflict, economic turmoil, and the repression of the dynastical executive branch. As a result of this journey, however, Kenya has launched itself onto the global political stage, becoming a major actor in not only their East African region, but internationally into conflict zones such as Haiti in 2024. This research explores how the lasting British legacy of society, economics, and politics, hindered and then transformed Kenya as a democratic republic. (April 2024 – unpublished)

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