Scientific Outreach & Media

Radio interviews:

  1. 7/22/20; Psychological impact of prolonged COVID-19 pandemic; Morning Wave in Busan; BeFM 90.5; 103.3; Special Interview;
  2. 4/28/20; Why we find it difficult to recognize a crisis – the psychology behind it ; Morning Wave in Busan; BeFM 90.5; 103.3; Special Interview;
  3. 3/18/20; The Psychological Impact of Covid-19; Morning Wave in Busan; BeFM 90.5; 103.3; Special Interview;
  4. 11/3/19; Fall: Pumpkin Spice & Falling Back in Time; 1010 WINS Radio NYC; interviewer: Kyle McMorrow


  1. 2020; Social Development During Quarantine; Thinking About Thinking Series; Science Museum of Virginia
  2. 2020; Facial Recognition Behind the Mask; Thinking About Thinking Series; Science Museum of Virginia
  3. 2011; Holiday Stress; Trend Line Video Series;   Longwood University

Public Lectures

  1. 7/26/20; Danger Brain: The Neuroscience of Fear; Lunch Break Science; Science Museum of Virginia
  2. 5/6/20; Neuroscience and Nature; Lunch Break Science; Science Museum of Virginia

Television appearances

  1. 4/13/20; Managing stress in the upcoming presidential election”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  2. 3/13/20; Managing Stress and Anxiety during Covid-19 virus”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  3. 11/20/19; Neuromarketing and Black Friday”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  4. 7/3/19; Summer Travel Tips”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  5. 6/12/19; What’s “Dad Brain”?”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  6. 3/15/19; Does Luck Exist?”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  7. 2/28/19; The Neuroscience of Tidying Up”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  8. 11/27/18; The Neuroscience behind Holiday Spending”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  9. 11/8/18; “’Falling Back’ might affect your brain”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  10. 9/13/18; Is Pumpkin Spice Addictive? ; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  11. 6/18/18; When you are on Vacation: Decompress & Don’t Stress”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  12. 12/15/17; Tips to Overcome a Stressful Holiday Season”; CBS, WTVR, Virginia This Morning
  13. 12/23/11; Holiday Stress TipsWTVR, CBS 6; Virginia This Morning
  14. 12/21/11;   Holiday Stress Tips; Live on-air phone interview: WDBJ-TV (CBS 7); Morning News
  15. 12/6/11; Holiday Stress Tips; WRIC (ABC) 8News at 9

Popular Press Articles and Blogs… WRITTEN BY DR. C.L. FRANSSEN 

  1. 3/18/20; Why we become addicted to information in a crisis
  2. 9/24/19; Seeing my 3-year-old Daughter Lose All Her Hair to Alopecia was Devastating, but I Won’t Let It Define
  3. 3/16/19; No, A Shamrock Won’t Bring You Luck; Scientific American
  4. 12/18/18; How retailers trick your brain into overspending during the holidaysCNN Business Perspectives
  5. 7/24/18; Sexism Hurts Boys & Girls Alike ;
  6. 7/2/18; There’s a Scientific Reason why some People Risk their Lives for a Selfie”;
  7. 10/7/17; What Science Tells Us about Hate and Racism”; Op/Ed in The Roanoke Times
  8. 12/4/17; This Holiday Season, Avoid the Pitfalls of Scrooge and your ‘Type A’ behaviorHuffington Post
  9. 9/30/16; The Neuroscience of Negative CampaignsHuffington Post
  10. 3/18/16; The Soothing Neuroscience of Coloring Swear WordsHuffington Post
  11. 11/9/15; The Netflix Addiction: Why Our Brains Keep Telling Us to Press PlayHuffington Post
  12. 10/28/15; Chasing Away the Blues: Depression is a Symptom of Stress… and Exercise is a TreatmentHuffington Post
  13. 10/1/15; The Joy of Pumpkin Spice: The Science Behind Loving FallHuffington Post
  14. 8/4/15; Vacation Stress over Shark Attacks, and Why We Need to Rethink the Beach VacationHuffington Post

Popular Press References/Quotes/Interviews

  1. 5/5/20; Why Does Spending Money Feel So Good?Gizmodo
  2. 3/5/20; Coronavirus Anxiety is Everywhere. Experts Explain How to Feel Better. Bustle
  3. 11/17/19; What Happens to your Brain When You Fall Out of Love; Bustle
  4. 10/28/19; 79% of Consumers Surveyed by PASHpost Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes – Here’s WhyMarkets Insider
  5. 8/15/19; Pumpkin Spice Spam is coming, and you know what? It sounds pretty goodCNN
  6. 5/13/19; If These 12 Things Apply to You, You’re Probably Smarter Than You ThinkReader’s Digest
  7. 3/12/19; The College Admissions Scandal is More Proof that Helicopter Parenting Hurts KidsWashington Post
  8. 11/28/18; What are Amphetamines?LiveScience
  9. 11/15/18; This Life with Gracie: Is our safe place just an illusion?; Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  10. 10/30/18; Why Do People Like Pumpkin Spice So Much?LiveScience
  11. 6/13/18; Regret the purchase? Here’s how to deal with buyer’s remorse;
  12. 9/13/17; The Real Trail Angels (some of my Wilderness Therapy research detailed in a specialty magazine piece; Recovery Campus
  13. 9/14/17; What is ‘pumpkin spice,’ anyway? And why do we crave it?; CNN
  14. 12/20/17; How Streaming Too Much Television Can Sabotage Your Relationship; fatherly.comblue mind
  15. 2014; Blue Mind: The Surprising Science that Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do by Wallace J. Nichols; Little, Brown and Company. (New York Times Science Best Sellers) (available on Amazon)
  16. 2014; Do Fathers Matter? What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked by Paul Raeburn; Scientific American/Farrar, Straus and Giroux; New York. (available fatherson Amazon)
  17. 2013; Why the Beach Makes You HappyCoastal Living Magazine

  18. 2014; Quoted & referenced in Gross, M., Chronic stress means we’re always on the hunt. Current Biology 24 (10) pR405-R408. (2014)

University Press:

  1. Featured in Longwood University news release August 5, 2015: Stress Test: For Longwood student researcher, saliva holds the mysteries of anxiety.
  2. Featured in Longwood University news release July 22, 2015: What this summer’s shark attacks tell us about fear, stress and anxiety.
  3. Featured in James Madison University Psychology Department online article: Departments Working Together: Performance Anxiety and Stress about collaborative work with Music department. (2014)
  4. Featured in Why Longwood online article on Biology of Stress course (2012)
  5. Featured in Longwood University News Release: Stress Management Fair teaches simple ways to reduce stress. (2011)