Madison Marks

Major: Psychology Major, NeuroStudies MinorMadison Marks 2015

Graduation Year: 2017

Lab time: Fall 2015 – present

Madison is studying the effects of race training on stress. The purpose of this research is to test the link between stress and exercise. She is currently learning general lab techniques and forming a proposal for the remainder of the study.



Lindsey Sparrock

Major: Psychology MajorLindsey Sparrock 2015

Graduation Year: 2019

Lab time: Fall 2015 – present

Lindsey is researching Test Anxiety with Carrie Zimmerman. She is learning how to analyze data and as well as proper conduct and techniques in the lab.

Erica J. Tedder

Major: Psychology MajorErica Tedder 2015

Graduation Year: 2016

Lab time: Fall 2015 – present

Erica is currently assisting Dr. Franssen on a project that examines the effects of outdoor therapy on stress. She is currently learning lab procedures, experiment organization, and analyzing data collected in Summer 2015.


Carrie Zimmerman

Major: Psychology Major, Neurostudies Minor Carrie Zimmerman pic

Graduation Year: 2017

Lab time: Fall 2015 – present

Carrie is researching Test Anxiety. She’s currently learning general lab techniques, analyzing data collected in Spring 2015, and forming a proposal for a new project on test anxiety.


Ri’Shawn Bassette

Major: Psychology & Communication Studies (double major)

Graduation year: 2017

Lab Time: Spring-Summer 2015

Ri’Shawn worked with Dr. Catherine Franssen for the 2015  PRISM program. He researched alternative therapy programs, helped Dr. Franssen establish a new project on Wilderness Therapy, and analyzed results of a test anxiety project.



Kelli Fairbanks


Major: Biology major, Psychology minor

Graduation year: 2015

Lab Time: Spring-Summer 2015

The research Kelli is conducting with Dr. Franssen is exploring literature and organizations that focus on alternative therapy types, which utilize aspects of nature exposure and/or exercise. With this research, they are identifying, categorizing and defining types of alternative therapy as they work to coauthor a paper.