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How can I create a post?

Writing a post (as opposed to a page which is distinct from blog posts because pages remain outside of the blog’s reverse chronology) is probably the lion’s share of how you will use your blog. Please watch a video:


Or follow the instructions below:

Step 1: On Dashboard of your site, please mouse over Posts and click on Add New on the left-hand side
Step 2: Title your post (e.g, think of a newspaper headline)
Step 3: Type your reflection in the body of the text or copy and paste from Word by using the portfolio icon with T (text) in the toolbar.
Step 4: Add a picture by clicking on the icon “Add Media” above the tool bar (more info about embedding images here)
Step 5: Consider citing/referring the reader to external information (also, How shall I link to articles from the library’s databases?)
Step 6: Consider tagging and categorizing your post
Step 7: Save Draft and preview it
Step 8: Click on Publish when you are ready