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Once I have a site/blog/e-Portfolio, where and how do I log in?

The web address to your site is based on the “Site Name” you chose when creating it.  To get directly to your site, append your site name to the Longwood Blogs address.  For example:

If you go to this address, you will see the public view of your site. In addition to this view, you have a private administrative “back-end”/Dashboard for your site, where you can add and edit posts/pages, change your theme, activate plugins, and, generally, administer your site’s content and appearance.

There are two ways to access the administrative back-end of your site/Dashboard:

  1. Go to Longwood Blogs and log in with your LancerNet ID and Password.  Once you’re logged in, a link to “My Sites” becomes available.  Following this link will take you to a list of all your blogs.
  2. Append “/wp-admin” (without quotes) to your site address.  For example: