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How do I make a site more private?

Privacy at Longwood Blogs is a major concern, and it is important to realize from the start that the spaces you create here are, by default, open and accessible to the general public. You can password protect individual pages and posts by changing Visibility in the Publish box as well as select more granular privacy settings for your entire blog or website.

To make your blog or site private, go to the Settings tab on the left side in the administrative back-end/Dashboard and click on Reading  sub-tab. From here, click on one of the five options for controlling external access to your space, each of which is detailed in the image below.


It is important to keep in mind, however, that if you restrict your privacy settings to members of the Longwood Blogs community, registered users, or administrators only, the public RSS feed will be disabled (find out more about RSS feeds). If you are required to feed your blog into another blog for a class, please keep your blog public( the top option).  Also, if you choose to block search engines/not to index your site, your blog will also not be listed on any of the home blog feeds or blog directory.

Also note that on any privacy level, those designated by the university to administer the blogs system will still have access to any blog.