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How do I insert an image into a post or page?

To insert an image from the web into your post, please consider the following approaches:


Approach 1 (recommended)

Step 1: Learn about Creative Commons

Step 2: Activate Photodropper plugin (only works in Firefox) or activate Compfight plugin to insert creative commons-licensed images into your post:

  1. Dashboard>Plugins>activate Photodropper or Compfight
  2. Both plugins add icons above the toolbar in a post
  3. Click on the icon of Compfight or Photodropper to insert images into your posts


 Approach 2

Step 1: Learn about Creative Commons

Step 2: Discover how to find  Creative Commons licensed images

Step 3: Embed an image or insert it from the web:

1. Click on the “Add Media” button above the tool bar in a post

2.  choose the “Insert from URL” tab on the left-hand side:

Locate an image on the web, right-click on the image to find its url (e.g., copy image URL) , paste it into the Insert from URL box, insert into post.

For example, if you go to Flickr advanced search, check “Creative Commons licensed content” box, search for images, find one. When you click on it, go to … (3 dots) at the bottom of the image 

>View all sizes>Choose a small image and right click on the image. In Firefox browser, choose copy image location, in Internet Explorer—choose properties and copy the URL. Paste the image URL into  into the Insert from URL box. Provide credits to the image in the captions field. Link back to the image and insert the image into the post.

-To upload an image:

Look for the “Upload/Insert” button that looks like a camera above the tool bar. When you click on that button, a dialog box will appear offering you the option to upload an image from your hard drive. Drag your file from the computer into the box or click on Select Files, locate your file and click Open. You will get a dialog box asking you to title the image, as well as to provide a caption and description (both of which are optional) and the option to change size. Once you are done, click on the “Insert into Post” button and you are done.

PROTIP: Once you’ve uploaded an image, you can re-use it by going to the Gallery tab (if it’s attached to the current post) or the Media Library tab (if it’s anywhere else on your blog) from the “Add Media” dialog.