About Me

I have a deep background in childhood education. It began with a two-year academy program at Chantilly high school called “early education”. Here I developed lesson plans and gain teaching experience. This exposure leads me to choose a career in education.  After this, I held two jobs both of which involved teaching and supervising children. One was as a camp counselor and the other one was a gymnastics instructor.  I enjoyed this experience and learned a lot about having structure and how children learn in different ways.

I am now perusing a degree that will lead me to become an educator. I started at a Northern community college with the idea of early childhood education. After graduating with an associate degree, I then transferred to Longwood university wanting to peruse more in education.  I feel that when I graduate I will be prepared for a career in education.

For the last four years, I have had the same summer job. I work for this camp called “Spirit Pro’s”. This camp I work for has different camps that my boss runs each week. So, the camps he has are; Gymnastics and dance, cheerleading, ultimate games, ninja camp, song and dance, and some others. For that job, I work with ages 5-13. The other job I also work for is cardinal gymnastics. I work with different ages and we work on getting new skills. I also here and there get to coach the team at times when my boss needs me. I work with ages 3-16. I do these jobs because I love working with kids and enjoy seeing them accomplish skills and having fun.