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Published December 10, 2018 by Elena Yonika

24 Creative Ways to Use Math Manipulatives in Your Classroom

When working with students in math it is a good idea to use different math manipulatives to help them see how they can solve problems but also see how they can solve it in many different ways. I know that from this previous semester. I was in math 309 which was numeration systems and we had worked with a lot of different math manipulatives and they had helped a lot. The great thing about the different math manipulatives is that they can help you with fractions, word problems, measurements, counting, and many more ways.  I loved working with the different manipulatives because they helped me see how I can solve the problems in different ways but also how they help you look at what you have set up and see if your work matches your final answer. The other fun things you can do with the math manipulatives is play games with your classmates. For example, one of the games you can play with a classmate is “Race for a Flat”. This flat is a block that has 100 little cubs all in one. This game is where they also use a dice and they take turns rolling the dice to see who can count up and be the first one to get a flat. They are also using the ones and tens blocks to build there way up to a flat. Also, they learned how to trade things in for a bigger size. I love having student work with hands-on manipulatives because it helps them see it as well and help them see what they did wrong and how they can fix it. overall, having students work with any kind of manipulatives can help them stay focused and help them learn in a fun and interactive way.