L. Francis “Skip” Griffin, Jr.
As a Director and Senior Associate at Dialogos for 15 years, Skip Griffin consults with corporations, international agencies and foundations to provide
them with effective strategies and programs for largescale systems change, leadership/managerial
development, C-Suite and senior team building,
executive coaching and corporate social
responsibility. Skip’s clients have included the World Bank Group,
International Finance Corporation, British Petroleum, Varo Energy, Renaissance Reinsurance, Axis Capital, the Kellogg Foundation, United States Forest Service (USFS), University of Chicago Lab School and
numerous public school systems. He also served for ten years as a member of the core faculty of Dialogos highly touted senior leadership program: Leadership for Collective Intelligence.

For 16 years, he was an executive at the Boston Globe newspaper, where he also served as Director of Community Relations and Public Affairs. He concurrently served on the Board of Directors of the Boston Globe Foundation, he awarded grants totaling 2.5 to 4 million dollars annually and coordinated Globe Santa, an annual program that provided holiday assistance to 25,000 families in the greater Boston area.

Skip was one of a nine-member consortium team representing The Boston Globe, Fleet Bank, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to successfully organize a major conference on the future of development in the waterfront area. He has also organized other major conferences, including one on health care for 400 top-level executives, with first lady Hillary Clinton, United States
Senators, top health officials, and economists, as presenters.

As Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of the African American Institute at Northeastern University in Boston, he oversaw and developed programs that played an important role in the improvement of undergraduate and graduate minority student retention.

He also served as a court appointed Federal Receiver and administrator at South Boston High School during the implementation of court ordered busing and desegregation in Boston Massachusetts from 1976 to 1980. He developed and implemented a civilian monitoring programs to replace the uniformed police security team dramatically altering the atmosphere and tone in the school. Used dialogue and constituent outreach to eliminate community violence and reduce confrontations between students.

Mr. Griffin also has a significant background in civil rights, community organizing, and community education initiatives. He and his siblings were plaintiffs in the landmark school desegregation case: Griffin vs. Prince Edward County, Virginia. The case resulted in the reopening of public schools (which had been closed during 1959-1964) and helped to reverse the effects of Virginia Massive Resistance.

He has served on numerous boards including the Boston Globe Foundation, Big Brother Big Sister of Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts Amateur Sports Federation and the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. He also served as strategist and pro bono media advisor to the Ten Point Program, an award winning Boston gang violence reduction program.

Skip holds a B.A. in Government from Harvard College and a Masters of Education in Administration, Organizational Development, and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He also did additional work towards an Ed. D. Degree Administration and Social Policy including study with Chris Argyris, co-founder of Organizational Development and Dr. Chester Pierce.


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