Teaching Philosophy

When thinking about teaching I think about why I wanted to become a teacher. That reason being the different people who have taught me. Most, if not all of the teachers I’ve had from kindergarten to my senior year of high school left a positive impact on me. My teachers empowered me to become a strong and well-rounded individual. Whenever I needed motivation or even a friend, they were there for me. All of these people inspired me to pursue a career in Early Childhood Development.

Teachers have an abundant amount of control and influence over their students, whether they know it or not. They have the power to encourage and inspire individuals on a different level. I aim to develop their character by promoting empathy and by building a community of caring individuals. Being a teacher to me means encouraging every student to become the best person they can be and to help other people. Along with developing character, I strive to help my students achieve their learning goals by using their own knowledge to understand new material. In saying this, I believe children are intelligent and have preexisting knowledge that can be used in correlation to learning new things.