About the Award

The Wilcox-Ross Award was established in 2017 to inspire Longwood students to engage in substantial projects that will help Earth’s environment.  The $1,000 award will be awarded each spring to the best submitted project as determined by a panel of judges.  The judges reserve the right to not make the award if no projects are deemed to have met the criteria shown below.

  • The project should have a substantial direct or potential impact on the Earth’s environment.  This intentionally broad guideline allows students from all disciplines at Longwood to be eligible for the award.  Some possible examples: the invention of a device that would help bring low-cost alternative energy to disadvantaged populations; a feasible economic plan that would help Caribbean nations move toward wind and solar for electricity generation instead of diesel-fueled generators; a community-service project that significantly changes behaviors in a local community in a way that benefits the environment.  There are many other possibilities.

  • The project should be the result of a considerable effort over an extended period of time.  At the time of submission, the project should be at some logical stage of completion though it may not have reached the endpoint.   For example, a student may have proved the viability of a device to produce low-cost wind energy but has not yet reached the point of finding a way of mass producing such a device.