The Wilcox-Ross Environmental Award

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The Wilcox-Ross Award of $1,000 is presented every spring to a Longwood student who has completed a significant project or the plans for such a project aimed at preserving or improving the environment. The award will go to the submission that demonstrates viability, impact, originality, and thoughtfulness. Students of every background are encouraged to submit their ideas. Our objective is to get students thinking about ways in which we can improve the current state of our environment and, collaterally, improve the survivability our species. Some subject areas include alternative energy technology, culture shifts towards environmental protection and improvement, political policies such as tax credit for environmentally friendly purchases, etc.

Hydroelectric Power in the most creative way

A startup company has come up with a very clever way to generate electricity from flowing water without much effect on the river system.  Check it out!

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Tweaking quantum dots powers-up double-pane solar windows

“Engineered quantum dots could bring down the cost of solar electricity”

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Floating solar fuels rig created for seawater electrolysis

“Design is the first practical floating solar hydrogen-generating device to perform water electrolysis without pumps or membranes; could lead to low-cost, sustainable hydrogen production”

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Multimedia top 10

“2017 in multimedia: the unmissable videos and podcasts of the year. ”

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