Formal Report


The formal report was the largest assignment of the semester: a 20+ page paper and a slideshow presentation to a target audience. This “target audience” was the other students in the class pretending to be representatives of a nursing home. My group of three posed as representatives from a consulting company. Our main goal was to instruct the nursing home staff on how to create a perfect website¬† that focused on important criteria, which included:

By the end of the slideshow, the three of us explained a detailed description of three different nursing home websites and which of these had the better web design. In addition, we answered multiple questions that were not addressed in the presentation. Overall, I felt this assignment helped me understand the importance of working with my group and doing even more copy-editing. I did the work assigned to me as well as looked over the proper formatting techniques before another member of my group turned it in.

This assignment took the most time to prepare. However, it was one of the most satisfying to turn in, as I felt the cooperation with my peers helped me through the extensive task.