Chapter 11

In chapter 11, shallow depth of field is explained how a photo is focused on one object towards the front of the camera and everything in the background is out of focus and blurred. In this photograph of me in my pilot uniform, shallow depth is focused on me with the Richmond Int’l Airport terminal in the unfocused background. Shallow depth is usually used to force the viewer’s eye to focus on the clear portion of the photo then followed by viewing the remainder of the photo.

Chapter 10

In chapter 10, we learned about editorial comics. This one I chose represents an editorial comic created around the time of the 2016 Presidential election. It depicts Clinton, Sanders, and Warren in a slightly humorous and demeaning way. This comic also portrays how the author and likely those against these politicians feel about them. It picks fun at Democrats and the three as potentially being unfit and unwanted as the next President.

Image result for Editorial Cartoon

Chapter 9

In Chapter 9, different types of charts were discussed. One focused on within this post is a pie chart. This below pie chart represents a few ways that this form of an infographic relays information visually to the reader/viewer. This specific chart shows a break down of the most flown airlines/air carriers within the United States. It also color codes them and provides percentages to better demonstrate the significant or subtle differences between the subject matter. Image result for airline pie chart

Chapter 7

Related image

In this picture, the use of white space focuses around how the bear has what appears to be another bear within it, with another bear within that one, finished by a possible little girl figure. White space uses your imagination to create the full picture by only filling space with dark colors and allowing the white areas to complete the picture and allow you to understand the message. This one portrays the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.