Chapter 6

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In this advertisement, PETA posted a very controversial advertisement about becoming vegetarian; however, it displays an obese individual and makes the viewer believe that becoming vegetarian will make you lose weight. It also calls obese people whales and full of blubber. This deteriorates the reputation of PETA and also puts down individuals who fit in the overweight and obese category; regardless of whether their eating habits caused it or not.

Chapter 5

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Stereotypes in advertising have been happening for decades. From cigarettes to alcohol, and even perfume. In this advertisement, Quaker’s Life cereal used a racial difference in the type of flavors. The cereal color seemed to match that of the persons’ race. I can see how this caused lots of controversy amongst the issue of racism.

Chapter 3

Images consist of different codes that help a viewer understand signs. The analogic code is applied when you can associate a meaning from an image and compare that image to another image.

This image below depicts what appears to be set of pink lips, however, it is actually a book from a lowered angle while open. In return, this makes your mind think you are looking at a large pair of lips, but it is just a book with red pages.

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Chapter 2

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This image may cause a viewer to see a bird-like figure flying, and flying, and flying, until it flies straight into a wall. Upon point of visual contact with the thick vertical surface, the bird-like figure seems to become deformed and broken. Simply, this is just three consecutive designs and one final abnormal design placed in a fashion that makes a viewer believe this figure is flying until it hits a wall; similar to a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Chapter 1 and 16

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The logo of Delta Air Lines itself has literal and symbolic meaning.

Some literal meaning behind it is that it is a two-part triangle that is red and appears slightly folded. It also looks as if the triangle was separated into two pieces.

Symbolically it represents a very well-known airline that doesn’t need the word “Delta” next to it for someone to know what it means. It plays a symbolic role of a large airline that is frequently flown on by hundreds of thousands of Americans every year and is the soul of Atlanta, Georgia. You see it at an Atlanta Braves game and correlate it to the MLB team.