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I am alone like a rabbit surrounded as prey
It consumes me ’till there is nothing
They tell me to pray, I pray and then once again I pray

To only be met with more agonizing pain and grieving
To be filled with hopelessness and despair
They tell me there is a reason for my being

But where will I find these answers, are they somewhere? Elsewhere?
There is no meaning for me here, none that I can reach
They tell me to see through the window of deceiving that it is there

But the beauty I can yet touch
The deceiving window blocks me from endless darkness and heavenly bliss
Darkness keeps me around by its never ending cruel games of fetch

So right now I’m in the depths of hopelessness
Just waiting, waiting for a slight chance
That they might be right and the answer is searching for this

Someone who is emotionally damaged with no hope of a dance
Not just any dance but one full of love and magnificent hope
An answer that is not ashamed of my presence

Side by side with me nothing between not even dope
Because I will be our drug that keeps it going
But sadly even I know that’s not going to happen, so in the end I have to cope

I have to cope with what life has given me and keep pushing
Pushing through the familiar crowds I go through everyday
But how much can I go till I can’t push no more and drop to nothing

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