Posted by Laurel Thoreson

Common Good Project


The Common Good Project was a compilation of everything I learned in English 400. It was a group project in which we were able to pick a topic, an issue in the world and come up with ways to solve the issue in order to make the world a better place. I believe this project met all of the course outcomes. From completing this assignment I met Course Learning Outcome one (engage in the process of citizen leadership by investigating multiple perspectives on important public issues). My group and I completed this projected as a team, one cohesive unit that came together despite our varying opinions, styles of writing and ideas. This project met both course requirements two and three; 2) understand the nature of public discourse/debate as determined by purpose, audience, and context; 3) choose appropriate formats in writing for a variety of purposes. It met these requirements, because we had to defend a certain topic with our rhetoric in the form of writing, oral presentations, and visuals. We had to use the correct formats and think about our audience and the purpose (why we chose the topic). The last two outcomes, four and five were also met with this all-inclusive English 400 project. Course Learning Outcomes four and five are as states; 4) analyze the effectiveness of their own texts and processes for specific rhetorical situations; 5) understand how the knowledge, skills, and values learned in general education are interwoven and interrelated, and how they can contribute to the process of citizen leadership. These final goals were met, because we had to produce our own content and hope that it was able to persuade our audience to work toward environmental change. Finally, since this project was a cumulative assignment on all that we learned this past semester, it it a compilation of all of the skills and knowledge we learned over the course of the semester. Hopefully this project can inspire change and make the world a better, greener place, one active citizen at a time.

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