6 Dec 2017

Welcome to My ePortfolio

Posted by Laurel Thoreson

Hello, my name is Laurel Thoreson and I am a junior at Longwood University. I am a Communication Studies major with a digital media concentration and a photography minor. I have been interested in cameras, photography and film for over sixteen years. I received my first digital camera for my sixth birthday and have been taking pictures ever since. After graduating I plan to go to graduate school to study literacy in order to be a literacy specialist. I hope to be able to incorporate my passions for photography and video production into my profession with literacy.

Purpose of Portfolio

The purpose of this portfolio is to not only highlight the work I have been able to complete this semester in English 400, but to also educate the public on what rhetoric is and how it shapes the world around us. I completed journal entries, a rhetorical analysis paper, and a Common Good Project. Each assignment is unique and touches on the various topics within rhetoric and should be able to inform and educate the audience on elements of active citizenship. Below I have attached the learning outcomes for English 400. Each of the assignments enclosed in this portfolio are linked to one or more of the course outcomes.

Course Learning Outcomes

1) engage in the process of citizen leadership by investigating multiple perspectives on important public issues;

2) understand the nature of public discourse/debate as determined by purpose, audience, and context;

3) choose appropriate formats in writing for a variety of purposes;

4) analyze the effectiveness of their own texts and processes for specific rhetorical situations;

5) understand how the knowledge, skills, and values learned in general education are interwoven and interrelated, and how they can contribute to the process of citizen leadership

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