An Interview with Co-Scenic Designer Hailey Bean

Today we are getting the inside scope on what it’s like painting backdrops for our upcoming production, “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms” by Qui Nguyen, with Senior Hailey Bean, the co-scenic designer for the show.

Q: Tell us what differences there are in making backdrops for a stage show versus a video production?

Hailey: The way we are doing it gives us the ability to make more than with a regular show. I think it’s cool to be able to show the audience what the scenes look like in our minds. Normally we are prohibited by other things in the space on stage and we have the capability to edit images into the scene in postproduction.

Q: Are all the backdrops hand painted and how does that process begin?

Hailey: When I first started deigning I put together a mood board for every scene then talked to the director to get feedback. From there I sit and paint on small pieces of wood. The paint crew will come in and make these tiny images bigger.

Q: You hand paint the original designs?

Hailey: Yes.

Q: Did you study art or have an art background?

Hailey: When I first went to collage I wanted to do something with art and took a few art classes, but my degree is in theater and my bachelor’s will be in theater. I get to combine my to loves, art and theater.

Check out some of Hailey’s original art designs below and look for there larger cousins on the screen soon!

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