The Rotunda

Bringing the news to Longwood University since 1920

In the three years I have been a member, I’ve watched The Rotunda expand in members and develop from a traditional black and white newspaper to a modern news magazine. With my Photo Editor position, I have learned important leadership skills. My staff is currently around 8 people. I plan and lead our monthly staff meetings outside of our general Rotunda meetings. I have learned how to give helpful feedback to my staff about things they are doing well and the things they need to improve on. I work closely with the editors in other sections, as we often communicate with them about the photos they need every week. I also collaborate with the Layout Section and we decide which photos will be going into the editions every week.

My responsibilities as Photo Editor include:

  • Assigning photo tasks to staff
  • Managing staff
  • Taking photos
  • Editing photos
  • Setting up our staff meetings
  • Making sure deadlines are met
  • Keeping active communication with staff about progress
  • Upholding expectations for the section

Last Fall, I was given the opportunity to go to Dallas, TX with three other Rotunda members for the Associate Collegiate Press (ACP)/College Media Association (CMA) Conference. It was an amazing, unforgettable experience! I was able to network with professionals in the field and go to speakers about photojournalism, graphic design, and ethical work in photography and journalism.

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