Data Analysis Project

October 10, 2018 | Comments Off on Data Analysis Project

I analyzed sets of data from popular fast food chains in the last year. I thought that with the information we have about the obesity rates in America and the recent trend in people wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, that the stock values might have dropped. I decided to delete all columns except the date and the closing values. I did this because stocks change throughout the day, so including the opening stock values is not essential information for this type of graph.  I chose to use a line graph because it is easier to visually see the data in this format. Since I am looking at data over the year, this is the easiest way to spot possible trends in the stock values. If I had used a pie chart or bar graph, the data would’ve been harder to read, understand, and interpret, and it would have taken the reader a much longer time to analyze the data. The way that this data is portrayed is very user-friendly.

I chose to analyze sets of data from popular fast food chains because it is a topic that most college students and young professionals are familiar with. Stocks can be confusing if you don’t already have a background in it or have not previously been exposed to it, but using stock information from something familiar helps to break down that barrier.


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