About Me

I feel as though I am in expert in the relational aspect of teaching. I am a very relational person, and I think that this overflows into teaching as well. Of course, there is a level of professionalism in any job, and a fine line between being a student’s friend and an authority figure, but I think it is also necessary to build relationships and community within your classroom. As a leader in my sorority, it is important to strong in my beliefs and strict to an extent to enforce rules, but there is also a level of friendship that comes with being on leadership. You want to be seen as someone that upholds the rules, but also as someone that is approachable and easy to talk to if someone has a problem and they need someone to go to.

While I have not done many things in my past work experience, I have worked for seven summers at a local summer camp near my home. This is deeply relational because while it is a classroom-like setting, the kids aren’t directly learning material. They are there for friendship and to create memories. Being a camp counselor is an integral part of a kid’s summer camp experience, and it really can make or break their memories of summertime. I would hope to mirror some aspects in their own classrooms, but also provide a more informal and carefree environment where kids are given permission to be themselves, no pressure.

Current Events in Education

We are led to believe that technology in schools is a bad thing. With cyberbullying on the rise, many teachers are unable to see the value in using technology in the classroom, and parents are less likely to allow their students to participate in the online community. I think, though, that technology has the power to greatly improve the educational environment.

Many students have at least one social media website, so they tend to be skilled at using many of these platforms. Teachers have the ability to use these platforms to their advantage. One teacher had their students explain the stages of meiosis in 140 characters or less; a creative way to get students thinking about the things they have to learn in school. Connecting education to social media, something that many students are already interested in, could bring about a greater interest in what they need to learn in school.

I applaud the teachers who have been using technology to their advantage. At the end of the day, the most important thing is for students to take pride in their education and be interested in what they are learning about. If adding technology and being creative is what gets students excited, teachers should take full advantage of it.

For more information on social media in the classroom visit: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/273044

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