2017 LU PRISM: Student Applications


Have you started making plans for the coming summer? Would you like to be involved in transformative, cutting edge research and get paid to do it? If your answer is ‘Yes,” then continue reading!

Undergraduate students are invited to apply to LU-PRISM (Longwood University Perspectives on Research In Science and Mathematics), our residential summer research program. This program combines practical training in specific research techniques with activities designed to put the research into the context of larger goals of modern science, technology, and mathematics. The titles and areas of the research projects are summarized in the Call for Student Applications below. Completed applications, including unofficial transcripts and one page narrative statement, are due no later than 5pm on Monday, November 7, 2016.  Information on how to submit these materials and what is expected of students in this program is detailed in the student application. 

Duration:  8 weeks (May 29 – July 21)

Student stipend: $3,500 (+ room and board)

LU-PRISM 2017 Call for Student Applications

2017 LU-PRISM Student Application

PRISM 2017 Project Descriptions

LU-PRISM 2017 Faculty and Student Expectations

LU-PRISM 2017 Student Learning Outcomes

Please direct any questions about PRISM to Dr. Amorette Barber, barberar@longwood.edu.





LU-PRISM (Perspectives on Research IScience & Mathematics) is Longwood’s summer STEM research program. The program runs for 8 weeks (May 29 – July 21) and seeks tenured or tenure-track faculty members in Biological and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science and Psychology to apply. Each faculty member may sponsor one student.  Please direct any questions to Dr. Amorette Barber, Director of LU-PRISM, (barberar@longwood.edu). Deadline: September 28, 2016.

LU-PRISM Application

LU-PRISM Faculty and Student Expectations

LU-PRISM Student Learning Outcomes

Fall 2016 OSR Open Houses


The Office of Student Research will be hosting a series of open houses. We invite faculty and students to stop by to hear about student research initiatives. We also encourage students to bring drafts of applications for OSR initiatives to receive help from OSR staff.

Fall 2016

Aug 30: Student Funding (Library 147A)

Sept 6: Student Funding (Library 209 A&B)

Sept 20: Summer Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (SURI)/Omnipedia Review (Library 147A)

Oct 11: Collegiate Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (CURIO)/Omnipedia Review (Library 147A)

Oct 25: Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research/Omnipedia Review (Library 147A), 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.  CANCELLED

Nov 15: Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research/Omnipedia Review (Library 147A), 12:30 – 1:30 p.m.

Join ScholarBridge and Get Swag!

Students want to know about the things faculty research. Faculty want to find students with similar research interests. To meet this need, the Office of Student Research (OSR) is sponsoring a membership drive for ScholarBridge, an online platform that facilitates student-mentor matching, from August 29 to September 9, 2016. Profiles are free for both faculty and students.

Faculty can create their own profiles with their research interests, research opportunities and members of their lab or research team, or they can opt to have their profiles pre-populated by ScholarBridge. Even if faculty have no current research opportunities available, a ScholarBridge profile allows them to promote their scholarly expertise and indicate their promotion of undergraduate research to those at Longwood University and beyond.

Students can create their own “scholar cards” as well as take advantage of other resources on the ScholarBridge site, including how to find professors with similar interests, how to inquire about research positions and how to build a resume.

Every faculty member and student who creates a ScholarBridge profile will receive a small token of appreciation and will be entered in a drawing for Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) swag! Faculty will enter a drawing for a SPUR tablet holder (three to be giving away) and students will enter a drawing for a SPUR power bank charger and coordinating aluminum water bottle (five pairs to be given away).

How to enter: Between August 29, 2016 and September 9, 2016, create a profile on ScholarBridge. Email the link to osr@longwood.edu. Once OSR confirms your profile, you will be entered into the drawing and receive a confirmation email asking you to come by OSR to pick up your small token of appreciation. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Crystal S. Anderson, Director, Office of Student Research.

Help OSR to promote student research at Longwood University!

Fall 2016 Student Opportunities


Student Research Grants

The Office of Student Research will provide grants up to $500 to undergraduate students to defray costs associated with conducting research, such as laboratory equipment; media equipment; equipment for work in the field; art supplies; software; photocopying, printing and film processing; communication costs (postage, phone, etc.) and travel to support the investigative phase of the student’s work, such as travel to field sites, museums, archives, or libraries.

Deadline: September 12, 2016

Fall 2016 Call for Research Grant Applications: http://bit.ly/2bjO8qK

Fall 2016 Research Grant Application: http://bit.ly/2baGCPB

Fall 2016 Grant Rubric: http://bit.ly/2bjQeYU


Student Travel Grants

The Office of Student Research will provide grants up to $500 to undergraduate students to support student travel to professional conferences or meetings to share the results of their scholarship. The grants can be used to cover applicable travel expenses, including airfare and mileage, lodging, conference registration, food and materials for posters or other displays.

Deadline: September 12, 2016

Fall 2016 Call for Travel Grant Applications: http://bit.ly/2aJAAk0

Fall 2016 Travel Grant Application: http://bit.ly/2b1unT8

Fall 2016 Travel Grant Rubric: http://bit.ly/2blnbQI


2016 Student Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

Spring Presentations of Undergraduate Research has been rescheduled for April 26, 2017. Watch this space for updates!

The Office of Student Research (OSR) is pleased to invite undergraduate students from all disciplines to submit proposals for Spring Presentation of Undergraduate Research (SPUR) at Longwood University. SPUR is a multi-disciplinary event that gives students the opportunity to publicly share inquiry-based work-in-progress as well as completed research projects. SPUR will be held April 7, 2016. Proposals are due February 29, 2016  March 14, 2016. Notifications will be made by March 28, 2016.

SPUR is open to undergraduate students at all levels from Cook-Cole College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Economics, and College of Education & Human Services. Students may submit individual proposals for oral presentations (including papers and demonstrations), visual arts presentations, traditional poster presentations or virtual posters (screencast poster presentations; this option can be used for performances). OSR will give awards to the presenters with presentations that garner the most interest. We will track participants through Twitter, and the participants who garner the most tweets related to their presentation will receive an award. OSR will also use Twitter to track attendees who engage with the most presentations. These attendees who produce the highest number of substantial tweets about the presentations will receive a prize. Details about participating in SPUR’s social media campaign will be released once the schedule is finalized.

SPUR Proposal Guidelines: http://bit.ly/1Jgf5aC

SPUR Proposal Form: http://bit.ly/1Qm3Pen

How to Apply

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Professional Development Consultant in the Office of Student Research prior to submitting their applications. Students can schedule a consultation at Inquiry, the OSR website (http://blogs.longwood.edu/studentresearch/).  Completed proposals should be emailed as a WORD document to: osr@longwood.edu. Submissions will be reviewed by OSR staff and are subject to a revise-and-resubmit policy. Once the schedule is determined, participants and attendees will be invited to register. Registration is free.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Crystal S. Anderson, Director, Office of Student Research (andersoncs2@longwood.edu) and check the Inquiry website for answers to the most frequently asked questions.



Website: http://ojs.stanford.edu/ojs/index.php/intersect

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

INTERSECT is an international Science, Technology, and Society research journal run by undergraduate students at Stanford University and supported by the Program in STS. It welcomes undergraduate, graduate, and PhD submissions at the intersection of history, culture, sociology, art, literature, business, law, and design with science and technology. The journal’s submissions are not exclusive to Stanford affiliates and generally span several continents.”

Accepts submissions from undergraduate students


Website: http://mjps.org/

Discipline:  Multidisciplinary

MJPS routinely publishes exceptional undergraduate research papers in the disciplines of political science, public policy, international relations, economics, criminology, sociology, law, history, political philosophy, political psychology, and public health, among others. Both qualitative and quantitative research is considered for publication; the only requirement is a demonstrated relevance to the study of a political society.”

Accepts submissions from undergraduate students


Website: http://journals.berghahnbooks.com/ltss/index.php

Discipline: Education; Multidisciplinary

LEARNING AND TEACHING (LATISS) is a peer-reviewed journal that uses the social sciences to reflect critically on learning and teaching in the changing context of higher education. The journal invites students and staff to explore their education practices in light of: changes at their institutions, national higher education policies, the strategies of international agencies, and developments associated with the so-called international knowledge economy. The disciplines covered include politics and international relations, anthropology, sociology, criminology, social policy, cultural students, and educational studies.

Accepts submissions from undergraduate students