Overall, my journey throughout Active Citizenship Writing has been essential to my personal goals and my future academic goals. The principles of identifying and analyzing a rhetorical situation will always be essential to my understanding of the world I live in. I look forward to transferring skills from this class to my future education, my future career as a librarian, and my role as a citizen. I am now able to accurately define what my interests are in relation to current social issues, and I am more than confident that I am prepared to be an active citizen in the future.

The various assignments, consisting of various genres, assigned throughout the semester all allowed me to practice my rhetorical and interpersonal skills. Working on a group project was an experience that I enjoyed, and I have more confidence to tackle any future group projects that may occur within my academic or professional career. I also perfected my skills to accurately chronologize documentation of the work I contributed to projects within a portfolio.

Feedback from my classmates and my professor was a valuable source of information for any concerns I had along the way. I also enjoyed providing suggestions to others about their work. I was happy to offer helpful feedback that reflected the principles that we all learned throughout this class, as well as things I learned in all of my Rhetoric classes. Active Citizenship Writing was an important class, and I will use what I have learned throughout many endeavors.