Common Good Project

My Reflection

The creation of the Common Good Project involved many meetings with my teammates. This not only enforced my ability to work with others on a rhetorical project, it also enforced the notion of how societal issues can affect a whole generation. Working with people who are studying different things also allowed for a unique approach to the issue of gender equality in the workplace. Even though the three of us brought a unique understanding of what gender inequality is, we are all affected by it in some way. The inclusion of terms used within the textbook in order to describe our project sought to engage our classmates within our call to action. As a group, we found sources that we could use as prime examples calling action to gender inequality in the workplace. This project combined all of our course concepts. We examined several perspectives of a single issue, we learned about several aspects of audience, purpose, and context, we formed documents conducive to our topic, we made sure our documents, website, and presentation all contributed to our rhetorical situation, and finally, the group became a beacon of citizen leadership.


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