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Post #8: Final Reflections

Due by 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 6th

For this blogging assignment, write a reflection about your experience in ENGL 305 – Rhetoric and Public Culture: Presidential Debates in a Global Theater. Reflective writing enables one to gain a better understanding of the self and the relationship between one’s self and the world, by exploring personal attitudes, experiences, and memories. As you write, you look forward to the goals that you might achieve and backward to see what you have accomplished so far. Writing prompts (such as below) help your thinking in this process.

Please respond to the following questions in sufficient detail (presented in the form of an enumerated list or a paragraph), and post your response to your individual course blog:
1) Which one of our ENGL 305 course texts was your favorite? Why?

2) How can you, in general, incorporate the knowledge and experiences gained from this class into your personal, academic, and professional life beyond this classroom? Provide some examples. Then, think of a specific question or issue that is somehow pressing to you right now. How would you use the knowledge from this class (e.g., knowledge of rhetoric and/or rhetorical perspectives) to gain perspective on this question or issue?

3) This link provides a list of transferable skills: THE LIST. Which ones of these skills do you think you have gained and/or practiced in ENGL 305? Make a list of the skills you’ve identified for future reference (e.g., during your job search). Then, write make a few statements about the actions taken for our ENGL 305 class. You can create statements such as: “While taking ENGL 305, I gained experience in or learned X, Y, Z.” Yet, you should also present your skill more directly as a verifiable qualification, such as: “While taking ENGL 305, I researched X and collected data on Y to write a conference paper on Z.”


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Post #7: Conference Paper Outline, Purpose, Thesis

Due by the class period on Monday, November 7th

With the assignment guidelines in perspective, make a new posting in your blog presenting the outline as well as a purpose statement and a tentative thesis statement for your upcoming Conference Paper.

Reminder: Our one-on-one writing conferences on this paper will take place on Nov 14 and 16, so you should also be producing a draft of this paper until then (see the assignment guidelines on submission).


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