Post #5: Conference Paper Topic and Sources

Due by the class period on Wednesday, October 12th


Rhetorical Triangle. Creative Commons Image posted on Flickr by Ted Major.

For this posting, state your conference paper topic and include at least two sources you can use for your project (primary or secondary sources). The questions your posting should answer:

1) What is the cross-national text discussed (or to be discussed) this semester that you want to use as a springboard to examine the rhetoric of a selected issue? What is the issue that you will focus on? (The text will provide the inspiration for your selection of an issue and will serve as an example of an effective rhetoric on the issue. You will first want to identify some textual evidence, such as quotes from Trudeau’s speeches, to illustrate his effective rhetoric: for example, his efforts to address diversity in the Canadian nation through his celebratory messages published on his social media sites.)

2) Which figure from the 2016 US presidential race will you focus on (whose rhetoric will you analyze) in your conference paper? It’s possible to choose a single figure or more than one figures, which may be one of the presidential or vice presidential candidates, their prominent supporters such as their party members or the previously elected presidents, first ladies, etc. This list can even include celebrities who spoke about the selected issue as part of the presidential race, for example, at an RNC or a DNC gathering. (You will then look at the rhetoric of an issue such as “diversity” within the discourse of your selected affiliate with the 2016 presidential race: e.g., Donald Trump’s discourse about diversity. Your ultimate goal with your essay will be either to promote your selected rhetor’s effective discourse about an issue or lay out the problems with the discourse and make suggestions for improving the rhetoric to better address certain individuals or groups’ issues and rights. Contact me if you need to discuss ideas.)

3) What will be your primary and secondary sources for this exploration? Include at least two specific examples with a brief description of each source.

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