Rhetorical Analysis

eSports played a rather large part of the beginning of my adult life. I played for about two and a half years before I had succumbed to a nasty case of carpal tunnel and a damaging stress fracture. This paper allowed for me to voice my opinion and facts in the on going debate on whether or not eSports is a legitimate sport. I also learned the importance of content analysis and presenting what has been found, to support my evidence. This goes with course outcome number four, “analyze the effectiveness of their own texts and processes for specific rhetorical situations.” I used multiple rhetorical artifacts in order to discuss and open up the topic to more people and used many credible sources along the way to make others aware of the debate topic.  This also taught me how to build a strong argument with what artifacts I had and using ideas, like induction and logos, can help carry some truth and credibility to an argument. As a member of the eSports and gaming communities, this allowed me to be active and raise awareness. This paper taught me that active citizenship is not just for matters like protesting and fighting inequality, but also helping those around others, who might need someone by their side.