The purpose of the Longwood University Honor Code and Student Conduct System is to sustain and protect a community of trust in which students are assumed honorable unless their actions prove otherwise.   The Honor Code is not intended to punish offenders but rather educate them on the importance of honor and integrity in both our academic setting and in their communities.

Each first-year student recites and pledges to abide by the Honor Code during orientation. Faculty can request that students pledge their work, stating that they have not lied, cheated, or stolen while completing their classwork.  The Honor Code is a vital thread in the fabric of our Longwood community. The Honor Code is one of Longwood’s proudest traditions. For over 100 years the student-elected Honor Board has protected the basic values of honor and academic integrity.  The Honor Creed is prominently displayed in Greenwood Library, and each classroom contains a copy of the Honor Pledge.

The Code of Conduct serves to hold student accountable for any inappropriate behaviors outside of the Honor Code (lying, cheating, stealing).  Faculty who encounter a difficult student in their classroom, may find remedy through the student conduct process.

To file Honor Code of Conduct and/or Code of Conduct Charges, please download a form from our webpage here.

Associate Dean of Conduct & Integrity: Jen Fraley, ext. 2490,

For more information about the Student Conduct Process, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and Integrity or see our Faculty Guide below.