When one hears service a number of different images may pop up into someone’s mind, such as an image of someone performing community service by picking up trash in a park, or working a shift at a soup kitchen. Others might picture an image of a member of an armed service branch working tirelessly day and night for the safety of others. Others still might picture an individual helping a friend of theirs study. All three of these images are equally valid examples of service, because each one encapsulates the heart of service, which is to selflessness. Service is quite simply, when one person takes the time out of their day to help someone, even though they pose to gain nothing by doing so.

While most typically imagery surrounding service is community service such cleaning up litter, or helping out at a food drive, there are other smaller ways to perform service everyday. Any act that is committed solely for the benefit of others is service, regardless if it’s something as small as helping a friend study for a quiz, or something as large as donating a kidney. This kind of service or selfless act of kindness is arguably not just the most important of all three Cormier Honor college’s pillars, but also one of the most important attributes for anyone to have.

Selfless acts of kindness are key to our humanity. Because if someone has never once taken the time to help someone else just for the sake of helping them, then they have only ever thought of themselves.

Service has also played an important role in my education at the Cormier Honors college. At several points in my college career I’ve taken time to dedicate to helping others, from helping to clean a park full of litter, to helping a food bank distribute food to those who would struggle otherwise. By highlighting the importance of service and by providing opportunities for students to contribute in ways they might not be able to otherwise, the Cormier Honors college helps students become more dedicated to service then they would be otherwise.