Scholarship, the desire to learn as much as possible, is typically depicted as something that occurs only in a school or a classroom, yet this stereotype could not be further from the truth. Learning is by no means confined to a classroom, in fact almost any experience can be turned into a learning opportunity. Some very general college activities outside of a classroom are some of the best learning experiences for students to go through. Living in a dormitory is perhaps the best example of this. By living in a dormitory, students learn how to better live in a small confined space with a multitude of other individuals. Students become very aware of how their decisions and actions can affect everyone in the whole dorm and vice versa. Inevitable conflicts with dorm mates also serve a great lessons into conflict resolution (or in some cases how NOT to resolve a conflict).

With scholarship being defined as the desire to learn as much as possible in any given situation, It becomes easy to see how the extra opportunities offered by Longwood’s Cormier Honors College provides multiple instances for students to expand their education outside of a traditional classroom setting. Furthermore, by cementing scholarship as one of its three pillars, the Cormier Honors college provides an environment that not only aids students in obtaining their scholarly goals, but also encourages it.