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Powerpoint, no paper!

*Mrs. Tate explains the assignment thinking it is going to be successful grade wise and interest wise*

Mrs. Tate: “Since this is an Environmental Science Class, we are going to write an essay about trees.”

Tim:” I love trees, but why can’t we do something more fun with the topic?”


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Tim is having a hard staying on task when he writes. He finds it boring to sit at his desk or at home to write. He likes to see pictures and visuals to intrigue his audience viewing his work.

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As Mrs. Tate grades his paper, she notices that his work is very repetitive and not as detailed as she hoped for. She has past documentation of his mediocre work he has done. She wonders if this is the best form of assessment she needs to test their knowledge on the topic they are finishing up. Mrs. Tate thought about switching the assignment to see if their performance of the assessment would improve or make a difference.

The next day, Mrs. Tate had an announcement. “All right class, so after I graded all of your papers, I have decided to assign another assignment. You all will be creating a power point presentation on what ya’ll have learned from this lesson about trees.”

Tim says quietly to himself, “I am so excited, this is going to be way more fun than that paper.”


Image result for a boy working on a computer happily

Tim happily spends time working on his power point. He says to himself, ” I cannot wait to show people what my power point!”

Image result for a boy giving a presentation on the computer

On the day of presentations, Tim proudly showed what he learned about trees. His teacher saw his progress from the essay to the power point, and recognized how much more information and description he used to prove what he knew about the topic. Mrs. Tate compared the classes scores and learned a lesson to have students complete more interesting and eye appealing assignments to be able to see how well the students learned the subject.


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Hello world!

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