Work Summary

When I first arrived at the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life, I had no clue of how to function in a professional office setting because I only had your lower level service based high school job. The only semiprofessional experience that I had ever had was when I was organizing my Eagle Scout project when I had to reach out to people for donations as well as recruit people to work with my job I did not have not dress up every day, but I still had to present myself in a professional way so that I would be taken seriously by my supervisor. When I first started, I thought I was never going to be able to handle it because it had to in there for 10-15 hours a week and that was just as much time that I spent in my classes and time management was already a struggle for me. Luckily, I finally bought a planner and I would plan my day out so that I would have time for myself but at the same time be able to get all my work done and be able to study enough for all my classes. This internship affected my career search because it has shown me that I want to go into some management position because of my position as office manager, I would coordinate meetings and plan out where pictures and furniture went, since during my internship our office moved from Lankford student union to The new Upchurch building that was much larger of a space. I also saw what my bosses did, and they advised people all day so that they could better the school and Greek life in general. Throughout this internship I have gained the skill of time management that will help me greatly in any career path that I choose. This will allow me to balance my personal life as well as my career. I also gained the skill of punctuality because I had to be on time to work as well as class and it takes even more planning to be able to be timely for school on top of working. I did achieve the goals that I set forth at the start of my internship. My main goal was to help benefit Greek life and I did this by making surveys for events put on by Greek organizations. After people would respond to the surveys, I would compile the results and then send them to my supervisors so that next time this event was put on our office would know how to either have more people come or improve if in other various ways. I also achieved the goal of learning how to properly communicate my ideas to my fellow coworkers because being in a more service-based organization it was all verbal and in a more professional setting it can be either in meetings, a newsletter or an email chain. Because of this type of communication my writing has improved greatly. I now know how to properly write emails so that I am again taken seriously as a professional and this is again a skill that will carry on to any career that I choose. I feel that I was mentored by my two supervisors because I worked very closely with them for my whole internship and had a very open line of communication with them the whole time, allowing me to prosper as a young professional and a skill I will use to mentor others if I end up in a management position where I have to supervise other people. I was also mentored by people other than my supervisors. When I took part in First Friday Back and The GAME committee, I was mentored by those who were in the committee. One of my mentors on the committees was Susan Sullivan. She was crucial in all the meeting because she led then and made the agendas for them. This showed me how to run a meeting if I am ever in that position. This is again a skill that would be crucial for me in the future if I ever get into the career field that I want to be in. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone seeking to lead those in the Greek community or just lead in general because internship has given me crucial skills what will most indefinitely carry on into any career field that I choose. In conclusion, this internship has been a fantastic first professional job and would be something that I would surely do as a career in the future. As much as I love being in Greek life, I liked being in this internship even more just because we helped manage Greek life and work to better the Greek community in any way that we can.