Summer Bridge Reflection


I am what people like to call a quiet ambivert. I tend to push myself to be as social as my energy battery will allow. Before the Summer bridge, I prepared myself to share a space with 13 other people for a week and to academically shine as bright as I could. I was shocked that I had gotten into Life STEM, doubting myself up until my acceptance, still doubting myself now. However, I knew I was picked for a good reason, so I tried my hardest to stay social and ready myself for all the science fun to come. Summer bridge came and passed a lot faster than I expected. Though I did not become very close to the other 13 participants, I still had awesome nights and adventures with them. We stayed up until three in the morning, stargazed, laughed over a card game, did research on the Chesapeake Bay, touched oysters, and got seasick on a boat. What I remember most, was going onto a boat with Professor Fortino and testing the clarity and dissolved oxygen in three separate locations on the water. I remember the stinky smell of algae in the shallower, calmer waters. The algae were worse in that area because there was a little movement to bring in fresher water and there was little sight of anything living. I and my classmates laughed over the gross smell. Being on the water felt natural to me, though my stomach didn’t agree. I didn’t fully understand who I was before I went to Hull Springs Farm, and I still don’t know now. However, being there did help me come to one conclusion about myself: I love nature and it is where I am supposed to be. That’s the importance I took away from the summer bridge, it helped to lessen those doubts and helped me see that I am where I belong.