1 thought on “Thank God My Moms Are Lesbians

  1. This post, relates back to so many things discussed in the reading and lecture in Round one. It shows how parenting, which can be considered a structure or institution, helped create Russo-Young’s social concepts of gender.Russo-Young’s mothers taught her that it doesn’t matter how she identifies herself she will be loved regardless.
    Both of these mothers chose to step “out of their bird cage” in order to live happier lives. The time period that the mothers grew up in being a lesbian female wasn’t as accepted as it is today. I feel like today people are starting to realize that as a society we should be more accepting of others. I remember the first time I asked my parents what the word “gay” meant. They were very open with me and they made sure to tell me just because a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman that does make them bad people. My parents also made a point to tell me that just because a family has two dads or two moms does not make their lifestyle any different than ours. Because of my structure with my family talking about topics outside the “gendered norm” do not bother me one bit!
    I think this article was a wonderful example of two individuals that were able to “step out of their box” and because of that were able to raise to very informed and non-judgmental children!

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