2 thoughts on “Lesbian mothers: My two mums

  1. This article speaks to a lot of struggles that lesbian couples, and even gay couples, face when wanting children. However, it is very uplifting to see how much love is given to the children once they arrive. It makes sense to me that children raised by lesbian parents would excel a little higher than their peers who were raised by heterosexual couples. As stated in our textbook women are more susceptible to individuals’ emotions and are more likely to talk them out. Young children need parents that will listen to them and talk to them openly about things. Because both parents are of the same sex, there isn’t as much pressure to conform to gender norms; parents and children can talk without worrying about being perceived as operating in the wrong gender norm. By also being of the same sex, the parents are more likely to agree on ways of bringing up their children which will result in less conflicts than with heterosexual couples.

  2. I find this article very interesting! I have never considered the struggles related with lesbian couples and the decision to have a child, and the judgement so freely given by others. It reminds me of the section in Gendered Lives on Gendered Romantic Relationships, with all the difficulties that are associated with masculine and feminine gender norms, it makes since that a more androgynous upbringing is desirable. If this is the case wouldn’t it make since that those who are already breaking gender norms such as lesbians, would have a more objective, less stereotypical, method of raising children.

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