2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Body Discussion

  1. Has anyone making these remarks seen Michelle Obama’s arms? The woman is clearly in shape. So what if she is curvy? In the article it mentioned that men devalue Black women’s bodies, but I think men devalue any woman’s body who is not stick thin. Take Jessica Simpson as an example. She had a baby and decided to lose weight in a healthy way by going on the Weight Watchers program but was criticized for not looking as thin as she once had. She is curvy, and is still gorgeous. She may not be quite ready to put back on her Daisy Dukes but at least she is being healthy. Look at how skinny Lindsay Lohan once got, or Mary Kate Olsen. I don’t know about you, but seeing someone’s ribs is way scarier than seeing someone’s curves to me.

  2. It amazes me how even though Michelle Obama is an incredible role model and first lady, she is criticized for her womanly features. Shouldn’t it be time that we recognized women more for their actions and contributions to society than their bodies?

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