5 thoughts on “Ground-breaking cover ‘girl’: Male model Andrej Pejic lands his first cover of Elle magazine

  1. I think that this Andrej Pejic has made an astounding mark in history by this appearing on the front of Elle as a woman. I believe that man and woman should be able to decide how they portray themselves, and though many do many also feel that they need to keep quiet about it and hide from society because they could be judged. Pejic is a great role model for transsexuals. It is great that more and more people are coming out and expressing themselves as they truly feel. However it is clear from the other article Dr. Naomi posted about Barnes and Noble that there is still a long way to come with the acceptance of transsexuals. Hopefully headway will continue to increase.

  2. I think its amazing that Andrej Pejic can pull off looking both feminine and masculine flawlessly. While reading our textbook and listening to your lectures, I could not wrap my head around the concept of not subscribing to a specific gender. I remember taking a class with Dr. Riden, and I remember her saying something along the lines of wishing that there was no gender whatsoever. I just could not understand it. I couldn’t see a world without it. Then came Andrej Pejic. I was amazed when I first saw pictures of him. I feel like he does a great job of showing the world that we don’t need such strict gender roles. I feel like now I can understand what Dr. Riden was saying when I sat in her class a year ago. Andrej is definitely inspiring and I see the world a little differently after learning more about him.

  3. I think it’s inspiring how Pejic says: “I don’t really have that sort of strong gender identity – I identify as what I am.” Everyone seemed to make such a big deal out of the issue when it seems like Pejic didn’t worry about what label people decided on. Not everyone is as brave as Pejix but luckily there are people like that who can start changing the way people view controversial issues. This photo shoot shows how much more creativity and freedom would be allowed if gender roles were not as rigid in our society. As our text discusses in Chapter 1, these gender norms are arbitrary and can be changed over time so hopefully more instances like this in mass media can help put in motion new ways of thinking.

  4. I believe that Andrej Pejic is an astonishing individual that is changing the conversation on traditional ideals of gender. He transcends the normal notions of gender roles by his androgynous appeal; yet, at the same time he personifies society’s perception of what a beautiful man and woman should look like. Andrej embraces both his male and female sides in order to perfectly represent himself. He does not need to define his gender identity or cares how others try to. He is like a beautiful work of art, he can be interpreted differently by individual critiques yet, it does nothing to hinder his overall beauty.

  5. Andrey Pejic is an amazing model that signifies a change. A change that people can be who they want and what they want. Pejic has under gone astonishing trials and is immensely successful as a fashion model. I find the shoot that features Pejic as both a man and a woman, as a representation of social constructs. People across the world have diverse interpretations of what it is to be a man or a woman. Pejic decides that he doesn’t need to choose, that he is beautiful as a man or a woman.

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