3 thoughts on “Andrej Pejic’s image censored

  1. A famous photographer once said that “If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry… that’s a good picture.” I find that this article arouses both of my emotions.
    It makes me laugh because there are some people so conservative in the word, that they are afraid of Andre Pejic’s chest. The close-mindedness of some people in the world is completely ridiculous. Andre doesn’t have chest hair like most men and he isn’t muscled like most men. However, that shouldn’t matter. It should matter that he is a talented model and he wants to show the world what he can do behind the camera. I think that’s very commendable.
    This article made me sad, because I kept thinking about how Andre must’ve felt when he heard about this scandal. I would feel offended that Barnes and Noble wanted to cover up my body, specially because I don’t look bad. I’m sure Andre is used to people reacting in many different ways to his body, but I just wish people in the world would be more accepting of him and his gender role.

  2. Personally, I believe that if someone does not want to identify with one particular gender, then they have the right to express themselves and that our culture should accept this. Andrej Pejic, as stated in the online lecture, is the perfect example of this. Being androgynous is not a bad thing; I even scored an even 51 for both masculine and feminine traits for the BRSI.

    I believe that Barnes and Noble went a little too far when they decided to wrap the magazine due to its cover photograph. It has nothing to do whether he’s shirtless, it deals with the fact that some people may not be able to figure out if he’s a man or woman. Overall, this issue was taken too far and Andrej Pejic should not be criticized for the work he is doing.

  3. I find Andrej Pejic as the cover of this magazine is a fantastic success story for people that live in fear that they wont be accepted for who they truly feel they are. Although there are people that are solely against this photo shoot and the image it conveys, I feel that it needed to be done to show people that there are other types of people besides the only two remotely known types, man and woman. With this change, people will step out and finally be who they want to be. Throughout the entire world, all types of people have a vast interpretation of what it is to be a woman or a man, and with this shoot, our culture is stepping up to the plate in becoming more diverse.

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