For Studying:

Quizlet can be used to create study guides for students to use at home or in class. It can be used for Vocabulary tests or any other type of quiz or exams. This site has games that students could play to help them learn the material. There could be time set aside on a certain class day before a quiz or exam for students to spend time on quilt individually or as a group.

For Collaboration:

This site allows students to post responses anonymously for the whole class to see.


A site where students can create a virtual museum on events. This could be used to discuss background for classic literature.

Students can record themselves reading and play what they read, only their voice now sounds like a llama.

A site to create word collages. Students can write short poems or words they find interesting and create a collage. Teachers can create one using words that describe how students should behave or words that encourage.

A website where teachers can send reminders to students and parents.

site where students can practice their capitalization skills through a game.

A dictionary site where you can type in a word and it will provide definitions and pictures.

A website to create word collages. This site allows the user to change the shape of the collage.

A site much like quizlet that allows students to study words and definitions. This site, however, finds a definition for you.


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