I am Gabrielle Winters and I am an under-graduate at Longwood University. I am beginning my last semester of my education, and will be entering the teaching world in the fall of 2018. Education has and always will be an integral part of who I am. My ideals as an English/History teacher are driven by my deep love of education, and my desire to help students gain the education they need and deserve. I believe that learning is based on improvement and growth, not just on mastery of content. It is my goal as an English teacher to promote student improvement above all else, with the over-arching goal of mastery.

The guiding force of my philosophy is growth mindset. I believe that all students are capable of growth. Choice is an integral aspect of student engagement. If students feel that they have control over their education and learning environment, they will be more engaged in learning. Providing choice in assignments, readings, products, and method of obtaining learning, are just a few ways in which I will give students the opportunity to exert control over their education. I am constantly searching out new ways to engage students. Choice is just one manner to do this, providing materials that appeal to student interests is also an important way to keep students engaged.


I am also a firm believer in positive behavior management. I believe that the classroom should be centered on the students and their learning. I do not believe in teacher control, but rather an environment of mutual respect and learning. Students should be provided with the space and freedom to seek out learning that is facilitated by the teacher. I am a Learning Engineer, not simply a teacher.


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