My name is Kaila Epperson. I am a rising senior at Longwood University and am a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Spanish. Though I have only been a Business major/Marketing concentration for two years, I have a longer experience in sales and customer service through my work experiences at Journeys and Journeys Kidz. By working there, I discovered my love for connecting with people and decided to study Marketing in hopes to pursue it as a career. This summer, I will be interning for my dream company of Entercom Richmond as their Sales/Promotions Intern.

The purpose of this ePortfolio is to show my growth in active citizenship writing and reflect on it. This ePortfolio will show all of the writing I have done in English 400 in hopes to show how my writing has improved to encourage change in the world. This can be explained by our Course Learning Outcomes:

1) engage in the process of citizen leadership by investigating multiple perspectives on important public issues;
2) understand the nature of public discourse/debate as determined by purpose, audience, and context;
3) choose appropriate formats in writing for a variety of purposes;
4) analyze the effectiveness of their own texts and processes for specific rhetorical situations;
5) understand how the knowledge, skills, and values learned in general education are interwoven and interrelated, and how they can contribute to the process of citizen leadership.