Blogging Instructions

1. What is a blog? Check this example of NYT blog post or this English 400 student blog post

2. Create your own blog by following instructions.

3. Create your first post by following instructions.

4. Include a hyperlink in your post (instructions here)

5. Embed an image into your post:

Step 1: Learn about Creative Commons

Step 2: Discover how to find Creative Commons licensed images

Step 3: Learn how to upload or embed an image into a post/page

Step 4: Follow this example how to cite the images :

[Image by flickr user poolie / CC licensed] As long as you both provide attribution for the photo, and, where possible, link back to it, you’re usually in the clear.

6. Check your comments settings by going to Dashboard>Settings>Discussion. Make sure that you have the following setting across “Before a comment appears” — unchecked box for “An administrator must always approve the comment” and a checked box for “Comment author must have a previously approved comment.” Please be prompt to approve your classmates’ comments as they will not see them published until you approve them but be cautious at the same time about approving any comments with suspicious links and content.

7. Add your blog to the course site:

  • Go to Longwood Blogs>Blogs> Courses and locate your course blog English 400 — 24 (Spring 2013) – Edward Howarth, and click on it
  • On the right hand side of the course home page, under Add your Blog copy & paste the following:
    • 1st box– the URL address of your blog site, e.g.,
    • 2nd box–your name, e.g., Tatiana
    • Click on Add Link and your name will show up under Link

8. Please go to Longwood Blogs>Support>FAQ for any technical questions.

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