After teaching for a semester, I came to the realization that I am more interested in human behavior and helping children explore their emotions. I chose psychology as my minor because I want to earn my masters in counseling and turn that degree into a guidance counseling¬† job in an elementary school setting.¬† A psychology minor would be a good foundation for the career path that I intend on taking.¬† I have not taken any courses for it yet, but I do have many education classes under my belt. Although I do not want to pursue a teaching degree any longer, I believe that these classes will still be beneficial for me to pursue psychology and eventually, guidance counseling. Taking the education classes gave me the opportunity to gain a teacher’s perspective of students and how children behave and interact in the classroom. I can use this perspective and information when working with students and other teachers in the school setting.

Here is a list of the courses I have taken at Longwood University that are relevant to my new area of study:

Human Growth and Development, Children’s Literature, Survey to Exceptional Children, Behavior Management, and Practicum Application.