About Me

Hello! My name is MacKenzie Duncan and I am a senior at Longwood University. I am a Liberal Studies Major with a minor in Psychology. I started my college career with the intentions of being a teacher. I am now more interested in psychology and counseling, therefore I plan on taking the path towards becoming a guidance counselor!

I believe that leadership is a quality that any professional should  inquire.  Leadership is not a position, it is action. Although I have held many leadership positions throughout high school, college, and work, actions speak louder than a position title. I am in the national co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. The three principles that Alpha Phi Omega  derive from are leadership, friendship, and service.  I have held the leadership positions of Historian and Boy Scout Chair. Through these positions, I have shown leadership by showing commitment, accountability, passion, delegation, communication, and integrity.

A few summers ago, I worked in childcare at the YMCA. After that, I was a lead teacher at an academic preschool. Currently, I am a Therapeutic Recreation Counselor for the Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation. No matter what the job is, each one requires professionalism and leadership. I may not have held specific titles during my work employment, but I believe that it is important to be a leader in any position to inspire those around you and to enhance the works pace.