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Feb 01

#TechTipThursday: Trello

Trello is one of several free tools that are available to support online task management. This solution enables users to create lists, or cards, with or without due dates; develop checklists to track progress; upload files; and apply labels to categorize content. Labels, like Twitter hashtags or WordPress tags, make searching for specific tasks more …

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Nov 02

#TechTipThursday: Canvas Teacher App

Canvas recently unveiled a new app that will allow instructors to do work on the go. This app allows you to do the three basic tasks that we all do rather frequently – grading, communicating, and updating things such as assignments, announcements, and grades. The Canvas Teacher app is available for iOS and Android devices. …

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Sep 21

#TechTipThursday: Using the Canvas App

As we are settling into the fall semester the Digital Education Collaborative wants to offer students a reminder of the free and handy way to manage academic deadlines and communicate with professors. Taking Canvas on-the-go with the Canvas app, by Instructure, can be easy and convenient! Students are able to receive notifications, reply to messages, and participate …

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Aug 31

#TechTipThursday: If This Then That

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a free service which allows users to create “applets” that automatically complete certain tasks. These applets work together with many different services including Google Drive, YouTube, Slack, and even smartphones. A full list of services which work with IFTTT can be found here. IFTTT is available for download on …

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Apr 13

#TechTipThursday: Learning Immersion with Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is an easily accessible form of virtual reality. There is a growing trend around the intersection of virtual reality (VR) and educational technological pedagogy. VR technology assists with traveling the world and having experiences that are normally out of reach due to variables such as cost and time. Google Cardboard can be used to experience sites …

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Mar 23

#TechTipThursday: Introduction to Task Labels

Task Labels is an app that allows you to organize just about every aspect of your life into ‘labels’. You can separate different extracurricular activities, courses, occupations, and even tasks for your everyday life. Within each ‘label’, you can insert various tasks. This app helps you keep your busy life in order; you can access the web version …

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Sep 22

#TechTipThursday: Taking Notes in the PowerPoint App

Instructors’ frequently use PowerPoint to convey course material, whether in an online, hybrid or face-to-face class. As is likely the case at other institutions, Longwood University instructors often share lecture notes in advance of a class session. When taking notes for class, it can be helpful to type in the notes section or type directly into the …

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Nov 05

#TechTipThursday: Google Chrome’s Remote Desktop Application

The Chrome Remote Desktop Application allows you to access another individual’s computer from your own, over the internet. This application can be used to reach items on your own device from another computer, or to give others temporary access to your computer; this can be helpful when troubleshooting, for example. To use this program, your …

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Apr 16

#TechTipThursday: BetterSnapTool

In this post, we’ll highlight a particular Mac OS app (sorry, PC users!) that the ITC Program has found to be incredibly useful: BetterSnapTool. Many of us regularly find ourselves with many windows open and a need to view all of them in an organized fashion. While you can certainly manually adjust the windows’ sizing …

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Feb 26

#TechTipThursday: YouTube Capture App

While there are several ways for smart phone users to capture video on-the-go, the YouTube Capture app allows you to capture video and automatically publish to YouTube. Other features and options are available, as well, some of which are reviewed in our video tutorial below. This app can fulfill several student learning outcomes requiring students …

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